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Safety and security is the center of our attention. A clinic is available to all students fultime. It provides first aid, and primary care for sudden symptoms. Since all our students are insured, in case of any emergency we immediatly contact our partner St.Yared hospital. We have employed extra fully equiped ambulance services to provide students with proper treatment and medication as quickly as possible.

The school remains under surveillance of many security officers that ensure the school grounds are free of harm and unwanted visitors. Every persons’ ID, including staff members, students, and parents, is checked while entering and exiting the school grounds.

Alongside the security officers, there is a three officer discipline unit, in an addition to the daily designated 10 teachers that look after students in order to maintain their well-being and enforce respectful mannerisms and behavior throughout the entire compound.


First aid and primary care for sudden symptoms.

Partnership with St. Yared hospital in case of emergency.

Ambulance services.

Provide them treatment and medication.

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