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There are 4 laboratories that are fully equipped with materials, resources, and tools that meet international standards:

• The General Laboratory is devoted to students from grades 1-6, which include real life diagrams, charts, and tables outlining basic scientific elements.

• The remaining 3, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, labs are for grades 7-12. All have models of human organs (i.e.: eyes, ears, skeleton, etc.), microscopes, and more than enough tools and charts to help achieve individual experiments, group assignments, and scientific tests.

Both the Primary and Secondary School libraries are filled with a variety of books ranging from fiction, non-fiction, literature, classics, science-fictions, and language books written in Amharic, English, and French, as well as electronic books. A full french corner is designated in the library with hundreds of books. The well organized and simple system created by the librarians ensure all books are taken care of and returned in a timely manner. As of September 2015, a new internationally used library system will be implemented to give students an easier and wide range online access to the library.

Three ICT rooms are equipped with new computers, for each Primary (starting from grade 1), Secondary Schools and a general purpose ICT room serving wider purposes. Up to date software programs, and a broadband access to the internet are installed in order to provide the most comprehensive learning in IT. This is crucial in today’s technologically based generation. It is worth mentioning here that upon completing grade 12, our students would have mastered software programs which is usually given at university level.

Four laboratories that meet international standards.

General Laboratory is devoted to students from grades 1-6.

Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, labs are for grades 7-12

2 libraries.

Electronic books.

Internationally used library system.

ICT rooms.

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