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One of our main objectives is for our students to attend top universities in the US and Canada. We have been working tirelessly to build strong relationships with many higher institutions, some of which we have listed below. After reviewing our standards and profiles these universities have encouraged us to facilitate the application process of our interested students. In fact, we were one of the very few schools invited to attend a special student recruitment seminars conducted by various universities including Ivy league schools. On another occasion admission heads from other top universities and colleges paid us a visit on our school ground. Upon meeting many of our students they were highly impressed and encouraged both the student body to apply and the staff to support the application process. They were keen to express their confidence in the students capacity to receive scholarships. For instance, among many, a brilliant FKS alumni by the name of Shalom Abate is attending the renowned MIT on a full scholarship.

List of excellent Universities that our school has so far been engaged with include:

1. Bloomsburg University is a premier post-secondary institution specializing in liberal arts and business such as Accounting, Marketing, Nursing, and Education. This picture of Provost Dr.Blake (left), Principal Silvia Feo (Middle) and Professor Agbaw (right) is taken while they were visting FKS. The visit of the delegation was meant to strengthen existing relations with FKS by creating a partnership. We are now in the process of finalizing this partnership. In its career development program, the university recommends its Education and English graduates to apply and teach at our school for a year. Thus far, an annual average of three teachers along with many short term volunteers have come.

2. Amherst College is a premier highly selective liberal arts college specializing in courses such as Environmental Science, Neuroscience, and Computer Science.

3. Tufts University is a reputable post secondary institution specializing in liberal arts and engineering such as Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Philosophy.

4. Smith University is a top post secondary institution specializing in liberal arts and community services such as Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology.

List of Ivy League Universities that our school is currently engaged in partnership include:

1. University of Pennsylvania is a top post secondary institution specializing in liberal arts and science such as Political Science, Biochemistry, and Earth Science.

2. Brown University is a reputable post secondary institution with a wide range of cross disciplinary studies such as Applied Mathematics, Economics, and Education.

3. Yale University is a renowned post secondary institution specializing in research and science such as Chemistry, Geology, and Statistics.

Student that is attending the renowned MIT on a full scholarship.

Smith University.

Amherst College.

Tufts University.

Bloomsburg University.

University of Pennsylvania.

Brown University.

Yale University.

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