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Native English speaking language teachers are employed to teach English as a second language in the primary level from grades 1-3. Soon the scheme will be implemented at a KG level. We require that All Native English speaking teachers hold a minimum of a Bachelors degree, in addition to a teaching certificate, and an experience in the educational field. Some hold a Masters Degree and have many years of experience in teaching. So far, most teachers have come from North America.

French is an official language for 33 countries which makes french the second language used by most international organisations around the world. Native French speakers are hired from France to teach grades 1 to 8. This program has grown every year and will reach grade 12 by 2019 at which time the graduates will be qualified for the french language examination DELF/DALF. This examination is a pre-requisite to enter French universities. The complete curriculum and teaching materials (guides, texts, audio and video) designed for foreign french students are directly brought from France. A full french corner is designated in the library with hundreads of books. Consequentially, a broader opportunity is revealed for our graduates.

Volunteers are also recruited throughout the year to help administer various teaching techniques in classrooms and specialize in specific areas to support their goals in becoming qualified teachers in the future.

FKS aims to qualify students to be accepted by internationally recognized universities and organizations all around the world. More specifically, our English/French bilingual programs allow our students to be equally integrated in Anglophone as well as Francophone communities.

English/French bilingual programs

Native English speaking language teachers.

Native French speakers from France to teach grades 1 to 8.

French program will reach grade 12 by 2019.

Curriculum and teaching materials are brought from France.

Students to be accepted by internationally recognized universities and organizations all around the world.

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