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Educational trips are frequently arranged including trips to the Lemmaguya Art Gallery, National Museum, Genesis Farm and many more in order for students to gain higher perspectives. Twenty clubs such as Poetry club, Media club, and Photography club present the opportunity for students to participate and build new skill sets. Students are also encouraged to take an active part in various competitions organized by partner institutions and educational offices.

In terms of art, literature, and sports, our school annually participates in many events organized by various enterprises. Amazingly, our students have always stood in top 3 places which demonstrates their successes’ are not only academic, but also in extra-curricular activities:

In the 2013-2014 school years, we took part in question and answer competitions organized by Woreda 08 and Bole Sub-City Educational offices for students of grades 8 and 10 respectively. Grade 8 competitors of our school won third place while grade 10 competitors won first place. This achievement was, in fact, a fantastic and exciting accomplishment for all.

“Day of the African Child” held every year at the African Union on June 16 sponsors competion in art and litterature. Our young artist Addis Meraf won first place in water painting.

MOENCO organizes art competitions annually where students design their dream cars.

Annual art competition held by the “Ethio-Turkish School” for Kindergarden students is the oldest competition that has gained favorible status amongst our students. Beyond individual recognition our school office was gifted a printer.

We participate in many sports competitions against public, private, and community schools. For example, we often chosen to host football tournaments organized by Woreda 8 because FKS has a standard size football field. Our football team is invited to take part in a football tournament along with other community schools twice a year at the French community school “Lycee Guebre Mariam”.

In 2014, FKS was chosen by the Ethiopian Great Run organizers to host the children version of the competition.

Educational trips Art Gallery, National Museum, and Genesis Farm and many others.

Our students have always stood in top 3 places.

Our young artist Addis Meraf won first place in water painting.

Twenty clubs such as Poetry club, Media club, and Photography club.

“Day of the African Child”

“Moenco art competition”

French community school “Lycee Guebre Meriem”

Art competition arranged by the “Ethio-Turkish School.”

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