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The school’s compound is not only full of exotic and indigenous trees, plants, and flowers, but it is also labeled accordingly to show students and visitors the different kinds of wildlife that flourish in our school. The Primary School has its own playground each outfitted with separate equipment such as swing, sling, and see saw etc. The Secondary School has a separate multipurpose court, soccer and volleyball fields, while the KG building has its own playground outfitted with swing sets, slides, merry go rounds, see saws, and climbing molds which are imported from Europe.

There are 2 school buses that offer educational field trips and transportation services for students. All school buses are staffed with drivers, assistants, and babysitters. To this end, our school ensures that all drivers are fully licensed and prioritize our children’s safety. It also ensures that the students get home in a safe and timely manner.

The pedagogical center offers all teachers and support staff access to additional materials and tools needed to help facilitate teaching in a more creative and engaging manner. The art room teaches students the methodologies of drawing art and painting through grades 1-6. Students have all the necessary equipment such as specialized desks and stationery that they may require to work on individual and group art projects such as various water paints, color pencils, and easels to encourage the most stimulating environment for potential artists.

The music room instructs students of grades 1-6 to read and play musical notes. Students have access to various traditional and modern instruments including a full size piano, flute, and guitar for those who wish to learn modern music under the guidance and support of qualified and trained music teachers who have the capacity to play all of the instruments available in the room.

Multipurpose court, soccer and volleyball fields.

KG building has its own playground.

Indoor and outdoor facilities are imported from Europe.

2 school buses.

Pedagogical center.

Art room.

Music room.

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