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Fountain of Knowledge School (FKS) is one of the top schools in Addis Ababa. With a 100% sucess rate ever since its establishment in 2001 G.C., our students have achieved some of the highest scores on the regional grade 8, national grade 10, and grade 12 university entrance exams, including TOEFL, SAT and GMAT. In addition, FKS has constantly ranked in top 3 of all competitions that have been organized by Minisry of Education, schools or other educational institutions. We believe reputation is earned through quality education. Indeed, over 90% of our students have come to FKS through word of mouth.

2012/13 G.C: FKS has been awarded certificates of appreciation for ranking second in Bole sub-city with an outstanding result of 48 of our grade 10 students got 4.00 whereas half of them got straight A’s. Moreover, we ranked first in the sub-city with 37 of our grade 8 students scoring higher than 97 and were awarded by the city’s Women, Children, and Youth Affairs Office.

All 49 of 12th grade students who sat for the University Entrance Exam achieved high scores allowing them to join different higher institutions in Ethiopia and abroad to study medicine, engineering, and architecture. Particularly, our student who scored a fantastic 616 out of 700 was awarded certificate of recognition by the Bole Sub-city Education Office and Addis Ababa Education Bureau. There were only 30 students Nation wide who scored 600 and above.

In addition, our school took part in a competition organized by the Addis Ababa Customs Office. Our intelligent, highly disciplined, and well prepared student won this challenging competition earning our school great respect.

We took part in question and answer competitions organized by Woreda 08 and Bole Educational offices for grade 8 and 10. Our 8th graders took third place while 10th graders came victorious taking first place. This achievement was, in fact, a fantastic and exciting accomplishment for all.

2013/2014 G.C: 53 of our Grade 8 students scored more than 97 percentile. Our grade 10 students made us proud by scoring an outstanding result on EGSECE. 54 of grade 10 students scored 4.00 whereas half of those students scored straight A’s .

55 of our 12th grade students who sat for the University Entrance Exam scored above 450. In addition, 13 of these students scored more than 500.

100% success rate.

Awarded certificates of appreciation for ranking first and second in the sub-city.

48 of our grade 10 students scored straight A’s in the 2012-2013 school years’ EGSECE.

In 2012-13 one of our grade 12 student scored 616 out of 700 on his University Entrance Exam.

In 2013-14, 53 of our grade 8 students scored higher than 97 percentile.

Competition organized by the Addis Ababa Customs Office. Students won this challenging competition.

Woreda 08 and Bole Sub-City Educational offices. Grade 10 competitors won first place.

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